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Certified Erste AM Funds

The EAM RESPONSIBLE funds are subject to constant scrutiny with regard to their sustainable quality. Frequent domestic and international certifications confirm the quality of our sustainability processes. Among them are the Austrian Ecolabel, the FNG-Siegel 2017, and the Novethic SRI LABEL 2015. For further details please visit our website: www.erste-am.at/responsible-investing/

EAM-Rating for Responsible-Fonds

Average ESG-Rating and Exclusion Rate

The Average ESG Rating of the Fund refers to all securities actually held by the fund, whereas the the Average ESG Rating of the Fund Universe denotes the average of all securities that are rated for the fund, based on the stringent sustainability criteria of Erste Asset Management.

The Exclusion Rate indicates how many securities from the respective fund universe are rate “not investable” for the respective fund. For example, a 60% exclusion ratio means that only 40% of all potential securities are investable for the fund.

EAM-specific ESG Rating

A excellent
B good
C statisfactory
D inadequate, not investable
E insufficent, not investable

The EAM-specific ESG Rating ranges from A+ to E. It scrutinises exclusively those companies that have already been rated by the three rating agencies cooperating with Erste Asset Management. In evaluating ESG criteria, EAM takes a very stringent approach. Thus, only 45 % of the approx. 3,850 companies currently rated (i.e. the EAM Total Universe) are investable (with a rating from A+ to C). At the moment, the average rating of the EAM Total Universe is C. The investable universe is further restricted by exclusion criteria. Nine companies achieve our current top rating of B+.

The EAM Emerging Markets ESG Rating

The rating of ERSTE RESPONSIBLE BOND EMERGING CORPORATE hinges on the analysis of the management of the respective issuer via ESG risk factors on the basis of a model adapted for emerging markets. In the process, the companies are compared on a scale of AAA to C. Companies with environmental benefits are accounted for on the basis of criteria of exclusion.
All Data (Average ESG-Rating for Funds, the Funds Universe and the Exclusion Rate) per 31.05.2017

[Alexander Osojnik]

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